Nid Bio


Drawing and painting are my hobbies since I was childhood. I learned about drawing from my teacher Chu Cil who was a Karen ethnic artist exile in Mae Sot, as well as by seeing other painting from my country too. I really wanted to draw the bird because when seeing the natural beauty of flying in the air, it is very beautiful.

While I am painting, it is like I am singing my favorite song. I would like to do painting and work as an artist in my whole life. I hope that everyone will be happy together with me.


Nid factfile

Born: 1972
Started: 1992
Studied under: Saw Chu Cil
Education: High School
Occupation: Commercial Artist
Favorite Medium: Charcoal and color pastel
Exhibitions: Anniversary August 2005, Borderline Gallery
Homa Dema October 2005, Vidya Gallery, Seattle USA
Here & There October 2005, Penduum Gallery, Vance Canada
Eyes on the Future September 2008, Snow City, Alaska USA
Borderline Member Show 2005-2008
Membership: Borderline Gallery



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