Sandy Shum Bio

Originally from California, Sandy has lived and traveled in Asia for over 15 years. She has had solo exhibitions in the US, Asia and Europe, and her images are held in private collections the world over.

Artist Statement

I wish to provide a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder and grace in the dreamlight of daily life.

Impressionistic Photography

Infusing her photographs with movement and light, the artist alters the appearance of the familiar, as breezes transform reflections on clear water.


Portfolio examples

Sandy Shum - Golden Umbrella Temple RoofSandy Shum - Hand of Buddha No1Sandy Shum - Lotus Leaves No1Sandy Shum - Rice Fields at SunriseGarlands-of-Hot-Chili-PeppersPrayer-Flags-No10-thmReturning-Home-thm