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Results of the Fundraiser

Results of the Fundraiser

In the weekend of December 16 and 17 we held a fundraiser for the Mae Tao Clinic. It started with two ideas. First Chimmuwa announced it wanted to donate the profit of a weekend to the clinic, effectively saying that for those days they would […]

Seasonal sale at Borderline!

Save 5-30% this month when you buy beautiful fair-trade handicrafts at Borderline Shop! Lots of handmade goods from Chimmuwa, Women’s Development Group, Lahu Women’s Organization, Chin Women’s Group. Be sure to check out our new products as well, or pay a visit to the gallery […]

Holiday promotion at Borderline shop!

It’s time to shop for holiday gifts! Many Mae Sot residents are heading home for the holidays or hoping to send fond wishes to their families through souvenirs from the border. So why not find these mementos at Borderline shop? We’re getting new products in […]

Handicraft sale at Borderline Shop!

We’re having a sale! Visit Borderline through August 31st to get 10-20% off selected handmade products, including bags, clothing and scarves from various women’s collective members. And as thanks for your support, you’ll receive coupons to our fabulous Tea Garden! -Purchase 1000 THB worth of […]