Artwork For Sale

Since 2004 Borderline Gallery has been showing art from artist living and working on the Thai-Burma border. Each month there are two shows, the first one has its opening on the first Thursday of the month and shows artwork by one or two artists. On the third Thursday, the show is changed into a group exhibition with artwork from all members of the collective.

The artwork can also be bought from home. We can send paintings all over the world, and our artists have sold to the USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan and other places. Here on our website we have selected artwork from our artists and if you are interested in buying a piece, please contact us at Please include Artwork #, and other information so we can tell you if the work is still available. Although we will show on the site if artwork has been sold, there can be a small delay and we can not offer assurance, these artworks are one of a kind.

The prices are in Thai Baht and are set by the artist and the curator of the gallery. For running the gallery Borderline asks a commission of 25%, that means that 75% of the sale price goes directly to the artist, who all have other jobs as well. Some are working in factories along the border, making long hours and low pay, other artists have found employment as art teachers and this means that more creativity is unleashed and that artists have found work that is in line with their passion.

You can browse the artwork artist by artist, but we have also created a page with a selection of the artwork.