In 2004, Borderline started with four women’s groups, Chimmuwa, Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) and Karen Women Organisation (KWO). Over time other groups joined and at one point 15 groups were member of the Collective. From the start Borderline was run as a collective, and this resulted in shared responsibility and shared strength. However for some groups it was felt that the collective part meant that they could not evolve on their own, and these groups opted to go a separate way. With member groups far removed from Borderline’s location, it was hard for other members to participate in the decision making structure and this resulted in a change of running the shop. At first Borderline held no stock and used the system of consignment, and as sales improved Borderline could start giving loans to the member groups and now even buy products directly from the groups while still maintaining the policy that the groups themselves set the sales price and Borderline adds a 20% running cost surcharge. Any profit that maintains after all costs and wages are paid will be used for the member groups, by organising workshops, arranging the loans or otherwise supporting the groups. Currently Borderline has the following member groups:
  • Chimmuwa
  • Chin Women Group (CWG)
  • Kachin Women Foundation (KWF) (also known as Kachin Women Association of Thailand (KWAT))
  • Lahu Women’s Organisation (LWO)
  • Overseas Mon Women Organisation (OMWO)
  • Women Development Group (WDG)
Besides these women groups, Borderline helps local Community Based Organisations and NGO’s to sell fundraising items and promote their causes:
    • Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)
    • Mae Tao Clinic
    • Burmese Children Medical Fund (BCMF)