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Member Groups

Borderline’s collective of member groups expands each year. Members come from different ethnic groups along Thailand-Burma border. For most of the members, income generation supports their goals of community development and women’s empowerment.

Borderline’s member groups are:

  • Chimmuwa – Tak Border Child Assistance Foundation (TBCAF)
  • Chin Women Group (CWG)
  • Community Forest Support Group (CFSG)
  • English Speaking Course (ESC)
  • Kachin Women Association of Thailand (KWAT)
  • Korn Tai
  • Lahu Women’s Organisation (LWO)
  • Mary’s Group
  • Mon Women Organisation (MWO)
  • Overseas Mon Women Organisation (OMWO)
  • United Lahu Youth Organisation (ULYO)
  • Women Development Group (WDG)
  • Ying Yum Wan

Also Community Based Organisations (CBOs) working along the border are selling their reports, videos, music, postcards, t-shirts and other materials that help to publicize and support their work.