Borderline Cafe, Shop & Gallery, Mae Sot, Thailand

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Tea Shop

Borderline Tea Shop, Mae Sot, ThailandIn March 2006 the Borderline Tea Garden opened with a menu of local snacks, salads and drinks for visitors to Mae Sot, Thailand. Profits from the cafe support expenses of collective shop and art gallery, giving our members continued access to this marketplace.

Please understand that in keeping with our mission to support women, while providing a safe space for staff and collective members, our Burmese tea garden is alcohol-free.

Mo Mo and Bo Bo created the menu with many supportive tasters. Spending many hours talking about food, we began to realize that there was a story in every dish and even in each ingredient. Borderline also began to receive requests from those who appreciated the food of the Tea Garden to learn how to make some of their favorite dishes when they returned to their homes.

Borderline Tea Garden Menu
Click to enlarge! Prices in Thai baht.

In November 2006, Borderline started to offer cooking classes. However, realizing that participants could not take notes and create dishes at the same time, a cookbook was compiled for them to remember the ingredients and steps after class was over. We further developed the book to be able to be used independently of the cooking class.

Our desire from the cook book…
“From the hospitality shown in a cup of tea and warm snack, to more elaborate multi- dish meals, food is a manner to socialize, honor the sacred, celebrate a new year, and share in community, family and friendship.”