Borderline Shop Inside



Borderline Shop offers many books in three main categories. In the restaurant you can find hundreds of books in our Book Exchange. It works simple, you like a book, you take a book, you pass it on and one day in the future the books will return. Or not. As other books miraculously appear in our place we are always well stocked with a large variety of books, fiction and non-fiction and beside English we have books in German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and several others.

The second category are also free and these are guide books from Lonely Planets to Rough Guides, from French Routard to Footprint and many smaller publishers in between. Many are about Thailand, some very old, others more recent and lots are from more exotic destinations. Like the first category these travel guides are free to take, although we don't object to donations for a project in the future, or an emergency on the border.

In our shop you can find a selection of books about Burma and the many people who call it their home. From the central plains between Yangon and Mandalay to the hills and mountains that surround these plains. These books have a normal pricing and we can always send you a list of titles and how you can order those titles.

Our best seller with more than 3,500 copies sold is our own Mo Mo & Bo Bo Kitchen Cookbook.