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Small purse with shoulder string

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A small purse with two strings, one to hold it around the wrist, the other to hang it around the shoulder. This purse can hold some items like a wallet, a phone, passport or a small notebook. The elegant design using Lahu fabric and Indigo Batik makes this a special accessory.

Size is 24x16 centimeters while the shoulder strap is 105 cm, which gives a 50 centimeter hang.

We are a small collective and our member groups make small batches of products and often the designs and colouring are slightly different making many of our products rather unique. Online we only showcase part of our collection, we encourage you to contact us in case you are looking for something that is different from what we offer here. We might have it in house or our members are capable in creating what you want. And we love to hear from you.

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