Kachin Women Foundation (KWF)

Short Introduction

Since 1999, KWAT’s income generation program, based mainly in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers vocational trainings to Kachin women recently rescued from trafficking. They make these products by hand, and KWAT markets them. This program provides them with an opportunity to earn their own independent income for themselves and their children, fostering their self confidence and personal pride. They also make a valuable contribution towards the funding of a number of KWAT programs in both Thailand and Kachin State. Moreover, they help preserve the Kachin culture and foster a sense of pride.

Founding Story

Owing to the deteriorating political, economic and social situation in Kachin State, Burma, many Kachin people, mainly young men and women, have left their homeland and scattered to foreign countries.

The number of Kachin people coming to Thailand for various purposes is increasing year by year. Problems in Kachin community in Thailand have also increased accordingly. Recognizing urgent need for women to organize themselves to solve their own problems, the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) was formed in Chiang Mai on the 9th September 1999.


The empowerment and advancement of women in order to improve the lives of women and children. By:

Promoting women rights, children rights and gender equality

Promoting women’s participation in politics and peace and reconciliation processes

Opposing all forms of violence against women including human trafficking

Providing health education and health service

Promoting women awareness of how to manage and protect the environment



Production Process





Collaboration with Borderline


Environmental Impact