Saw Kennedy Bio

Saw Kennedy

I arrived at the Umpiem camp from the Karen State in 2001. I was escaping widespread hunger that was affecting many Karen people and like many others living in the border areas of Burma, we were also running from the fear that our village would be the next target for the government labour program. My wife was at the time pregnant and I wanted our unborn child to be born in a safe place where he would have the opportunity to attend school.

I came from a family of talented artists, two of my brothers Chu Cil and Saw Poe Dah live here in Mae Sot and are fellow painters at Borderline, whilst two more remain in Burma.

After arriving in Umpiem camp, I soon took on the role of Youth Development Art Director working with many young people and in early 2005, moved to Mae Sot.

For many years I remained in Mae Sot working with the local community and painting and drawing full time, before being given the exciting opportunity to resettle in America.

Today I am living in Seattle and working as a Karen, Burmese and English Translator with my wife and little boy “Junior Kennedy”. I continue to paint when I can and hope one day to have an exhibition of my work in America.


Saw Kennedy factfile

Born: 1973, Karen State
Started: 1988
Studied under: Saw Chu Cil, Win Pe Myint, Saw Eh Eh
Education: 10th Standard, SEP School, EAP School
Occupation: Full-time Artist and Art Teacher
Favorite Medium: Charcoal, Watercolour
Exhibitions: Ban Thai, April, 2005
‘Local Artist Exhibition on Borderline’, June 2005 with KSNG
‘Anniversary’, August 2005, Borderline Gallery
Membership: Borderline Gallery



Portfolio examples

Saw Kennedy - Carrying PotsSaw Kennedy - Let’s drink Kaung liquidSaw Kennedy - Water Buffalos