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Wanna Zaw

My name is Wunna Zaw and I was born in Yangon, Burma in 1979.

I left my home in Rangoon during 2002 to seek a better livelihood for myself and my family that I left behind in Burma. Whilst in Mae Sot I found work as a commercial artist with the G.S Art Company, producing gem stone pictures for the Thailand and overseas markets. It is here that I discovered a genuine passion for art and became interested in developing my own work.

Soon afterwards, I was introduced to Nay Thit, a well known local artist who had previously exhibited at Borderline. For many months Nay Thit acted as my mentor, teaching me about composition, colour, texture and light. I experimented with a number of mediums before finding my niche with acrylic and watercolour paint.

I have learned a great deal from my own artistic journey, and now share this with children local migrant schools, teaching art classes, allover Mae Sot. In addition I give private art classes and occasionally have assignments to make illustrations for publications. One project was to cycle across town to draw scenes to be used for a locally produced map of Mae Sot.

My main motivation now and in the future, is to help other refugee people. I want to represent our stories, memories, hopes and dreams within my work and by doing so remind the outside work of our struggles.

I am thrilled to be able to share my own work and that of my fellow artists with you here at Borderline.

Mae Sot, September 27, 2015

Wunna Zaw



Wunna Zaw factfile

Born: 1979 Yangon (Rangoon)
Started: 2001
Studied under: Nay Thit (now in Norway)
Occupation: Artist and Art Teacher
Favorite Medium: Watercolour & acrylic
June 2005                  Local artist exhibition at Borderline Gallery
August 2005              KSNG Anniversary Exhibition, Borderline Gallery
October 2005            Homa Dema, Vidya Gallery, Seattle, USA
October 2005            Here & There, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
August 2006              Reflective in Life, Borderline Gallery
September 2007        Color Stream, Borderline Gallery
September 2008       Eyes on the Future, Snow City, Alaska, USA
October 2008            Journey into a Spiritual Heartland, Borderline Gallery
October 2009            The Tunnel of Light, Borderline Gallery
October 2010             Artist and his Dancer, Borderline Gallery
September 2011         Striking Beauty, Borderline Gallery
September 2012         Timeless Beauty, Borderline Gallery
September 2013         Daylight Exposure, Borderline Gallery
June 2014                     Expressions from the Thai-Burma Border, Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand
October 2014              Radiance of Lives, Borderline Gallery
September 2015         From Sketches to Impression, Borderline Gallery
Membership: Borderline Gallery