Chimmuwa is a handicraft group based in Mae Sot, founded in 2004 by Sylvia Lin together with Nor Nor.

The name “Chimmuwa” refers to a long white woven Karen dress traditionally worn by unmarried young women.

Most of the fabrics they use for their products are hand-woven Karen fabrics made by weavers from various villages scattered around Thailand. Over time they have established a relationship with weavers from 10 different villages.

Over the years they have developed a wide range of products with their special fabrics, and have also had the opportunity to collaborate with designers and volunteers to develop new designs and patterns. They are constantly developing and experimenting with new designs.

One of the main purposes of Chimmuwa is to preserve the traditional weaving culture of the Karen people. They also actively encourage villagers to use plant-based natural dying, and if they can- to grow their own cotton organically.

Chimmuwa believes it’s important to contribute and share their knowledge and skills with other organisations or groups, they do this by sometimes helping local organisations or individuals through training in sewing and product design.