Batik course

what, when

below information about our batik course

Our One Day course starts at 9 am and last till around 3 pm, with a break for lunch.

Depending on other activities, we can arrange a class on any desired day except Monday.

Remember that the washing and drying process means that you can only take the fabric home the next day.

Our course is designed for 2 people. 

For us the personal contact is important with a small group, our Sayama Nge Nge can assist participants well.

Yes that is possible. 

People book through the internet or call us on our phone, others show up at Borderline and discuss with us.

As the Batik Course takes some preparation it is best to check availability some time before the desired date.  We can then see if it is possible and make other arrangements.

The cost is 1,500 baht per participant.

Besides learning how to do Batik you also can take home the fabric you have decorated yourself, and we provide your lunch.

We do ask a deposit for half the fee.