Art Course

Borderline conducts workshops for artists to development practical skills in preparing exhibitions, writing personal statements, life drawing and sharing other art techniques with each other. Some examples of workshops include:

  • How to prepare and use oil colours! 
  • How to use knife! 
  • How to use charcoal! 
  • How to use acrylic! 
  • How to sketch and draw Landscape! 
  • How do we paint portrait! 
  • How to use water colour! 

Borderline began its first Art Class on 3 March 2007 and the course ran from 11:00am until 5:30pm. Saw Chu Cil was the first lecturer. We then held seven Art Classes between 3 March, 2007 and 28 April, 2007.

The Gallery has also hosts art interns to come and learn how to manage an art gallery as well as international artists who come and share their skills and experiences with the artists of the Borderline.

Art class for beginner for children and adult also available now, contact Borderline for more information about your Art Course, contact us

Our Art Trainer&Teacher

Borderline’s Art Teacher, Wunna Zaw