Borderline Collective Handicraft shop offers a wide range of products handmade by a variety of Women groups living along the border between Thailand and Burma. These high quality products range from practical items like phone cases, tote bags and wallets to decorative table runner and wall hangings. There are children’s toys, note book covers for the electronic and paper notebooks, shawls, shirts and skirts and jewelry.

All designs have been made in house or by the groups. Most items have been made with thread that has been dyed using natural, plant based dyes and some also have homespun, organic cotton.

Borderline function as an extension of the groups and pays the groups the price that is set by them. Only then an additional 20% charge is added, this is for the running cost.

Besides items for sale in our shop, it is also possible to order on line. Due to the unique of many products, before an item can be ordered on line, contact with us need to be made. In that way we can personally help you find what you want.

We do accept PayPal or a money transfer in our Thai bank account.