Saw Wi Htun Bio


I was born in 1978 in the capital city of the Mon Ethnic state, near the Sittown River. Leaving Burma in 1989, I lived for many years as a Novice within the Wat Alam Monastery in Mae Sot. It was here, as a young child whilst studying Buddhism, I began to be interested in art and wanted to learn how to create my own work.

In the beginning I taught myself through books, drawing, painting and practicing alone with basic materials. All of my early work that I produced I gave to the monks that taught me within the monastery. They were very supportive and to buy more materials, they agreed to give me small amounts of money in return for undertaking additional chores.

When I was older I left the monastery and began working in Mae Sot, trying at the same time to continue with my real passion of producing art. It was around this time that my work evolved from charcoal and watercolour mediums, and moved into acrylic paint, developing what now has become my signature style.

Each of my pictures is created from hundreds of dots that communicate how I view the world around me; every person, object or landscape is the sum of many, many smaller pieces that are ever changing.

Today I am lucky enough to have the support of the artistic community within Borderline and it is here that many doors have opened for me. I look forward to continuing to share my paintings in exhibitions and hope that as a viewer you will enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed producing them.


Saw Wi Htun factfile

Born: 1978, September, Tathon
Started: In childhood
Studied under: Many people, and nature
Occupation: Artist
Favorite Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Exhibitions: Started from Borderline members show in 2006.
‘Points and Spectrums’ on 4 October, 2007
Membership: Borderline Gallery



Portfolio examples

Htun - Daily DutyHtun - Going Back HomeLearning-Nun-by-Saw-Wi-HtunGazing-girl-by-Saw-Wi-HtunMoving-by-Saw-Wi-Htun


At-the-camp-by-Saw-Wi-HtunCarrying-sister-by-Saw-Wi-HtunHtun - Carrying MotherMy-Native-by-Saw-Wi-Htun