Overseas Mon Women’s Organisation (OMWO)

OMWO, is a self- reliant group that was established in 2001 on the Thai- Myanmar border. The group is based in Mae Sot and strives to empower Mon women in communities through social, cultural and political work.


The Mon people are an ethnic group in Myanmar, located near the border to Thailand. Due to internal conflict within the country over the past two decades, many Mon people have fled, taking refuge on the Thai- Myanmar border. The people of Mon State struggle due to economic crisis, poverty, political oppression and land confiscation.


OMWO was founded with the intention of providing support for Mon women during these times of crisis. OMWO strives to work for peace, for the sustainable development of our society and the preservation of Mon culture. They work towards improving the quality of life of the Mon people, while protecting women against violence and sexual assaults. Another aspect is providing education in rural areas, thus empowering Mon women to become a part of the regional and international network and to encouraging them to participate in decision making on all levels.


In the future, OMWO plans to continue to focus on product development, and will also work on producing some natural dyed fabrics and products.