Fundraiser 2022-05-21

Special Art Show
Impressions of a Struggle
Artists are fed inspiration by events happening around them.
Artists digest these events into ideas.
Artists turn these ideas into impressions.
Artists feeds us their impressions.
We as viewers, readers, listeners take these impressions and a thought process start.
Out of thought comes ideas.
Ideas led to actions.
Actions change the events.
Artists are fed inspiration by events happening around them.
Three artists from Burma will show their impressions at Borderline Gallery on May 21, 2022. On canvasses and paper we are invited to see if we can read what they observed, understand what they felt, see what they would like to change.
We are invited to act, by sharing the ideas and thoughts and by buying the artwork.
The proceeds of these artworks will support the artist in their challenging situation and will support their friends who nearby are awaiting the difficulties during a rainy season in a displacement site.
Of all proceeds of the sales, 20% will support the artists and 80% will be used to support people with rice, shelter, medicine and other needs.
We can send the artwork all over the world, please contact us if you are interested in supporting the people from Myanmar, the artist or if you like the art for sale. We can inform you how to pay and how we an get the work to you.
And don’t forget, you can always pay more ….

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