Peanut Butter

Delicious, full of fiber, vitamins and proteins and without any additives. Well a pinch of salt.


Peanut butter how it is supposed to be, Peanuts, Peanuts and Peanuts with a dash of salt. Using peanut oil to smoothen the creation process, our peanut butter is an almost 100% affair. Each batch is made in our kitchen and while the quality is high, the colour, the texture and even the taste might be slightly different each time you taste it, exactly how your own pasta sauce, coffee or whatever you make at home taste familiar and yet you know it is unique each time you make it. 

Our batches are so small, that calling it ‘freshly made’  seems not necessary. When you take a jar home, it has probably waiting for you a few hours or a few days at the most. We put our Peanut Butter in a glass jar and charge you for that with the promise you get that money back on returning. We even avoid putting the label on the glass so we spend less time cleaning the jar for the next batch. 

We offer two kinds of peanut butter. From friends in Mae Khlong Khee, we get organically grown peanuts. In this village a very strong Women Collective produces some of our handicrafts. One member is strong on organic faring and our peanuts come from her farm.

We also have a non-organic peanut butter. As delicious and a little cheaper. Regularly we receive bread from a sister organisation, and that goes great with our peanut butter.