Saw Poe Dah Bio

Saw Poe Dah

I come from a very creative family and art has been my passion for many years. As a result of this I took the opportunity to attend Art school in Rangoon for three years. It was here that my journey began, as I learnt how to apply my thoughts and feelings to a canvas.

My favourite memory of this time was being taken as a student to stay in the ancient city of Pagan and being immersed in the landscape and temples that surround the region.

Following the completion of my studies I held my first exhibition in Rangoon with other students at the International Opera hall.

After I graduated from Art school, I decided to come to Thailand with my brothers as it held more opportunities for me to create a stable future for myself.

I am fortunate to be able to make a living here in Mae Sot doing what I love, painting and selling my work to visitors and mentoring other young artists.

Working with acrylic and watercolour mediums; I paint what I see around me, paying special attention to the local people; who make this town my home.

I would like one day to have the opportunity to study art further, gaining an even deeper understanding and evolving my style along the way.


Saw Poe Dah factfile

Born: 1985, Karen State
Started: In childhood
Studied under: Oo Win Thint
Education: Art and Sculpture School in Rangoon (3 years)
10th Standard Umpiem Mai Camp
Occupation: Artist
Art Teacher
Favorite Medium: Watercolour
Exhibitions: Ban Thai, April 2005
‘Local Artist Exhibition on Borderline’, June 2005 with KSNG
‘The Locality of Art’, December 2004 Borderline Gallery
‘Anniversary’, August 2005 Borderline Gallery
‘Our Environment and We’ Two Men Show, October 2006
Membership: Borderline Gallery