Sein Sein Lin Bio

Sein Sein Lin

Sein Sein Lin started by drawing on the walls of her room at a very early age. She is an only child and supported in her work by both her parents.

Talking about her parents influence she said; “My parents were my first teachers, followed by books”.

From 1993 until 1998 Sein Sein Lin attended the University of Culture in Rangoon. After she got her BA she worked for many magazines, writing articles and making illustrations with her brushes. In Rangoon she has shown her art work at many group exhibitions. After arriving in Mae Sot, Sein Sein Lin was Borderline’s gallery curator for three years starting in 2006.

While she was curator, she housed Canadian artist Wayne Boucher for one month and she repaid that with a visit to Canada in 2011. These visits gave Sein Sein Lin the opportunity to share her skills and knowledge and learn from artist with different disciplines and focus.

“I have many hobbies, like reading, writing, poetry, music, and they all influence my paintings,” said Sein Sein Lin.

She left Borderline to concentrate on her son and staring art classes for young people in Mae Sot. She also got commissions to make mural art and many walls in Mae Sot still carry her work.

She then find employment at Puzzle Box Art Studio where she became a teacher and she developed herself into a Batik Artist.

At the end of 2013, Sein Sein Lin took another step in her career and went to Moulmien in Burma, to become a teacher at a new study program: Point B.

One of her dreams is to be so successful that she can obtain the art works of other artists. Another dream is to share her knowledge of art with the younger generations. Sein Sein Lin is working hard to make her dreams come true.

She believes in “Art for Escape”.


Sein Sein Lin fact-file

Born: 1973 Yangon
Started: 1994
Education: B.A. in Painting from the University of Culture (1998)
Occupation: Artist. Curator, Borderline Gallery 2006-2009.
Favorite Medium: Oil, water color and acrylic
Exhibitions: Each year in March, on or around International Women’s Day, Borderline has a special show with only female artists. the first show had Sein Sein Lin and our other female artist, Cho Min Aein. Later shows had more participants and are considered group shows. For each show Sein Sein Lin provided new art work, often celebrating the female body as art form.In July of each year, Borderline celebrates her birthday and this usually has a groupshow from all members of the Borderline Collective. Sein Sein Lin has collaborated in all these shows.As Borderline tries to hang work from all artists as much as possible we have a special schedule. The first Thursday of the month is opening night for a special show with one or two members showing their work. The third Thursday is the start of a show with work from all Collective Members. Sein Sein Lin’s work can be seen in these shows, and is available in our gallery at all times.  See her artwork on our Artwork for Sale page.What follows is a list of exhibitions where Sein Sein Lin was the only participant or shows outside of Borderline.

Local Artist Exhibition on Borderline‘, June 2005 with KSNG
Anniversary‘, a show from the Borderline Collective in August 2005, Borderline Gallery

Homa Dema‘, with Borderline Collective, 2-31 October, 2005, Vidya Gallery, Seattle, USA

Here & There‘, with Borderline Collective, 11 to 29 October, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

New Beginnings‘, with Borderline Collective, Borderline gallery

From Here & There‘, with Borderline Collective, 14 January to 2 February, Shakti Gallery, Seattle, USA.
A Day in the life‘, special show with female artist Cho Min Aein on 4th March, 2006  for World Women’s Day, Borderline Gallery.

Life’s Changing Scenes‘, a solo show from 2 to 16 September 2012, Borderline Gallery.

Dreamseekers‘, a show with Wi Htun, from 6 to 21 October,2011, Borderline Gallery.

Never Stand Still’ a solo show from 8 to 22, 2008, Borderline Gallery.

Sunshine Again’, a solo show from 15 to 31 August 2013, Borderline Gallery.







Membership: ‘Anniversary’, August 2005, Borderline Gallery