Money and Hunger Lives




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Money and Hunger Lives

On one side of this art work we find the Dollar.
The Dollar is mighty, it shows wealth and the rich communities. Money creates more money.

The other side shows the other side of the coin.
Children’s hands holding an empty plate, a child holding a sign board, signaling that they went to bed without food.
A child lying down, an IV drip in the arm, illness the result of malnutrition.
A child being fed by hand is an IDP due to war.
Newspaper report both wealth creation and war.

The artist wants to show that our world contains both aspects of life. Wealth on one side, poverty and hunger on the other side. Does it have to be like this? Is it a choice we make?
The artist wants us to be aware of this. The artists hopes awareness leads to action.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 5 cm
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