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About Borderline

Borderline Café, Shop & Gallery

Borderline is a café, fair-trade handicraft shop and art gallery based in Mae Sot, Thailand, supporting Burmese migrants and refugees on the Thai-Burma border. In our shop you can also find bread made by a local baker, spreads like peanut butter made by ourselves, home made yoghurt, home made shampoo and several soaps made by friend organisations.

Our Cooking Courses are well received by all who have partaken in it and offer a chance to find out some secrets of the Burmese Kitchen.

Check out our catalog and email us your mail order!

**The catalog was made in 2010. Please email to check validity of specific prices and products. More recent product photos are available to view on Facebook.

We also invite you to host meetings and parties at Borderline! Our kitchen can provide a variety of Burmese foods and drinks, and space is provided in either our outdoor garden or the art gallery. Available during regular shop hours or in the evenings. Please email us to discuss your event needs.


Borderline Gallery Artwork

Color Magic

A new show on October 1, 2015.

Color Magic is an exhibition of art by two of Borderline’s artists, Myat Thein Zaw and Bo Bo. Their styles are different and eclectic.
Myat Thein Zaw divides his art between realism and pure abstract art. The abstract work shows much more of his inside than most other artists dare to uncover. While those pieces tell a lot about him, the observer will see something completely different.

Bo Bo has been around Borderline since the start and his art has undergo several changes during that time. He has now going into a new phase and the works he will show are probably the most intimate he has made.

As usual the show opening is from 6 pm to 9 pm and drinks and snacks will be provided. The show runs from October 1 till October 15.

2015-10-01 Color Magic, Bo Bo & Myat Thein Zaw

Flood Fund Raiser

Burma is inundated with water. The response by local organisations has been swift, we can help by giving them the funds to continue their assistance. Borderline collaborates with Community Partners International (CPI) to raise funds for their extensive network of local health organisations. CPI has promised to double the amount of money we raise, so lets make it worthwhile.

This Thursday, August 6 is the monthly special exhibition, and Borderline will donate the 25% running cost of each sold artwork at the show to CPI. The artists will receive their well earned 75%.
During this week, Borderline will sell the Art-Card sets as usual, however 100% of the proceeds will be donated to CPI, so come and buy your set of 16 art cards, with beautiful reproductions of art made by Borderline artists as Sein Sein Lin, Nyan Soe, Bo Bo, Wana Zaw, Saw Poe Dah and Saw Chu Cil. A set of 16 cards cost 250 baht, all for CPI who will double it!

11794445_837179676388851_6043809459306755354_o 11807658_837179563055529_1171381502376068466_o 11826026_837179709722181_1023750371647009302_n
Sein Sein Lin started this by donating 3 of her prized artworks for sale, with 100% going to CPI. Her three works can be seen in Borderline shop. We want to auction these three artworks and have set minimum prices. If you want to own a genuine Sein Sein Lin art work, and everybody should have one, this is your chance. It’s also your chance to bid for a piece of art! And the best part is, the more you pay, the more CPI will add!

This and next week also all proceedings from our Cooking Class will be donated to CPI. So gather your friends and learn how to cook. You will eat so much better knowing that others inside Burma can continue their fantastic work in helping the flood victims.

And you can also just donate money in the special box, and know it will be doubled by CPI while matching funds last.

Other artist have also donated art work. John Khai will sell one piece for victims in Kachin State, Saw Poe Dah has donated three pieces of art, Moe Min has donated one piece of art and Wana Zaw will sell postcards and make drawings, all for fund raising.

Special Exhibition

Thursday August 6, 2015 two young artists from Burma will show their art at Borderline Gallery. Watercolours will show life in Burma and the Border. Both artists have joined Borderline several years ago and this is the first time they have an exhibition together.

From 6 pm to 9 pm you can admire the art, talk with the artists, buy their artwork and taste some drinks and food from the Tea Shop. The monthly Thursday Exhibition openings are one of the longest running cultural events in Mae Sot and not to be missed.



nature of yearning

Three Windows Exhibition

Saturday July 4, 2015, at 6 pm you are all invited to a special exhibition at Borderline Gallery. With art work from Moe Nge Nge, Saw Lasam and Kyaw Kyaw Hein.

Moe Nge Nge works in Borderlines Kitchen, gives Cooking Classes and creates art at home. She learned from Sein Sein Lin and has developped her own style.

Saw Lasam is a master with charcoal. His teacher was Saw Kennedy, who for several years was Borderlines curator.

Kyaw Kyaw Hein is a long time member of Borderline and his artwork is a window on daily life in Burma.

Visit our gallery on Saturday July 4, its starts at 6 pm and finishes at 9 pm. Burmese snacks and juices prepared by our tea garden will be served. Meet the artists and the rest of our stff and mingle with the art lovers in Mae Sot.

2015-07-04 Three Windows.sla-page001