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    Forest Fire & Floods

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    A collaborative piece of art depicting the overheating world where floods dominate the news. Made years before the devastating events of the last few years, this colourful reminder of the fragile state of our earth shows also the ability of three artists to move beyond their usual artistic output.

    Bo Bo, Win Htet and Saw Poe Dah have been members since the start of Borderline Gallery Collective and have held several solo shows each. They have all three collaborated with other artists in shows, this however is their only know collaborative art work.

    In December 2019, Bo Bo sadly passed on, meaning this will be the only artwork that unites three unique artists.

    A large white wall would give this piece of art the place it deserves.

  • Bathing the Soul

    Bathing the Soul

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    Painted in 2012, this is a depiction of the female body during bathing. The Lotus flower indicates that the mind or the soul also get a cleaning.

    Sein Sein Lin has been making art since she started to decorate the walls of her home when she was still a child. She combines her love for poetry, her Buddhist background and her creativity to make artwork that only rarely is just the depiction of a scene. Each work has levels of meaning.


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